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Donate a Class of 2023 School Bench to Commemorate Your Final Year

Donate a Class of 2023 School Bench to Commemorate Your Final Year

Schools are starting spring break and in a couple of short months will conclude the 2023 school year. Most students will return for next year’s semester and resume the typical daily grind of classes and homework. Others will advance to the next level of education or even walk as graduates. For these individuals, it could be an emotional time as they close this final chapter to start an even larger adventure in their growing lives. Students take with them memories (good, bad, embarrassing, and inspiring ) to be talked about for years to come. But what if they could leave something behind? 

A Class of 2023 School Bench is a fantastic way to commemorate the graduating year's legacy. Donating this item to your school gives the students an opportunity to express their presence and mark their place in history, long after they have moved on. Additionally, It also benefits the school by supplying additional seating for the current student body. It is a meaningful and practical way for the graduating class to be remembered.

What is a Class of School Bench?

A “Class of” School Bench is a custom bench that displays the class year on the bench’s back. This statement can be as simple as  “Class of 2023” or include the school's mascot or logo. Since customizations vary based on the size of the bench and complexity, a mock-up will need to be prepared based on the desired design and bench model. Additionally, more customizations will impact the overall cost of the bench. There are two application methods available: Pop-up and Cutout. 

Pop-Up: The pop-up technique tack welds the lettering on the face of the bench back. Simple logos can be done but are often unavailable for this style. Once secure, the metal is dipped with the desired finish for protection and color. These color options are limited as the wording and bench back will be the same. Popup Class of 2023

Cutout: For more pops of color and customization options, the cutout method may be the way to go. The lettering and logo will be removed from a solid portion of the bench with laser precision, leaving an opening. You can leave the cutout open or add a backplate behind the customization giving it a solid backing and adding a different color to the message and logo. 

Cutout Class of 2023 Bench

Quick Ship Class of 2023 Benches!

With just months left of the 2023 school year, don’t miss out on having our ELITE School Bench dedicated to your class. Our quick-ship option ensures delivery in just 2 to 4 weeks. Available in both 6 and 8 ft. lengths, our bench can be customized to your needs. Contact the professionals at Picnic Furniture by emailing or calling 1-800-775-8409. Upon contact, we will create a mock-up and quote to present to your school board!

Class of 2023 Bull Logo with Mock-up

Future Class of School Bench and More!

Would you like to get a head start on customizing benches for next year? We have plenty of options available, like the ELITE Slatted Contoured or the Cast Iron Diamond Bench. Rectangular picnic tables with pop-up lettering as well as trash receptacles can be customized too! If thermoplastic furniture isn't the look you're after, why not consider a “Class of” school bench custom-made from concrete or recycled plastic? To get the most out of your customization options, be sure to check out more of our informative blogs for more information.

 Class of 2023 Picnic Table

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