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Custom Logo Thermoplastic Metal Furniture Guide

Custom Logo Thermoplastic Metal Furniture Guide

Whether you want to add a bit of branding to your businesses’ property with logos and slogans, display the school mascots around the playground space, or dedicate a bench in memory of a loved one, thermoplastic metal furniture is an ideal option.

These pieces are rugged enough to hold up to routine use while being impervious to graffiti abuse and the weather elements. They're also easy to clean with just soap and water. The coating lets you add branded colors for additional team spirit. However, the impression gets even better when you add a custom logo.

Custom Thermoplastic Benches

What Outdoor Furniture Comes in These Options?

You can get matching or complementing logos on benchespicnic tables and outdoor trash receptacles made of thermoplastic-coated metal. This means you can create entire picnic areas in your team, school or brand colors. Fill your courtyard or playground with colorful furniture that boldly proclaims your message.

Who Might Benefit From Thermoplastic Metal Furniture with Custom Logos?

These pieces make ideal choices for anyone who wants to associate a brand or message with outdoor furniture installations. Schools can proudly display their logos so students can have a sense of team spirit as they arrive on campus. Businesses can provide sponsored installations for local greenways, supporting the community while getting their own names out. Families or organizations can honor someone with a bench to memorize their legacy to the public.

The ability to install this durable furniture in a variety of locations and their easy maintenance requirements make them an obvious choice for almost any organization.

Guide to Logo Options

When personalizing thermoplastic metal furniture, you can choose from several types of custom logos methods. The one that's right for you depends on factors including the design of your logo or what you want to include on the space, the colors you're selecting and how much you want the message to stand out.

  • Laser Cut Logos. With this type of customization, logos or words are cut directly from the metal. Your message is then displayed in the negative space where the metal is not, which means letters, numbers and simple symbols are best. Pictured logos in a black and white format can also be used depending on how intricate the design is. Request a mock-up to see how your logo will display on the furniture.Laser Cut Logos - Custom Thermoplastic Benches
  • Raised Lettering. Letters, numbers or precut symbols are welded on top of the existing furniture’s mesh before finished in the selected color. A popular choice when dedicating a picnic table or bench to a school from the current class year. Custom Thermoplastic Picnic Table with Rised Letters
  •  Backplates. If you want more color than is allowed by cutting out of metal, you can order the furniture with a backplate piece. A backplate is an additional piece of metal that is finished in another color before being mounted behind the logo on the furniture. This presents a second color, which is great for color schemes and gives more contrast to the logo allowing it to stand out.Custom Thermoplastic Trash Receptacles


  • Sublimated Logos. For multicolor logos or those that include complex images, sublimated logos may work best. These are ink-jet printed onto specialty plastic and mounted to the outdoor furniture. The image can be personalized to include a memorial photo of dearly missed loved ones. Thermoplastic Sublimated Logo Bench

Thermoplastic metal furniture with custom logos lets you offer exterior seating while promoting your message. With this your logo will be featured for long-term use in any climate, making them a great investment.

If you are interested in receiving a mock-up and quote for your very own commercial logo furniture, contact the experts at Picnic Furniture with your idea and design. We will ask for you to email a large detailed png or pdf file of your logo along with the Model Number of the thermoplastic bench, picnic table, or trash receptacle that you are interested in personalizing. Prices of custom furniture may vary. Feel free to call 1-800-775-8409 or email if you have any questions or to discuss your options.

Furniture Leisure Custom Thermoplastic Bench

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