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The Do's and Don'ts of Using Public Park Grills

The Do's and Don'ts of Using Public Park Grills

Grilling on a public park grill can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and share a delicious meal with friends and family. However, safety should always be a top priority when using shared public grills. Following proper etiquette helps ensure that everyone can safely and enjoyably use the grills.

From knowing the proper preparations before use to understanding general tips for consideration of others, there are do's and don'ts that should not be overlooked. We will explore essential tips for public park grill use, safety precautions, and designs for accessibility.


Arriving Prepared: The Do's

Being well-prepared before arriving at the park is one of the most important steps for safely and effectively using public grilling stations.

Follow these general best practices:

  • Secure Your Grill Early: Arrive at the park well before peak hours to claim an open grill. Bring supplies to mark your spot if you need to step away briefly. Be patient if others are already waiting to use the grills when you arrive.
  • BYO Cooking Supplies: Come equipped with utensils, platters, seasonings, cleaning tools, heat-resistant gloves, and anything else you'll need for cooking. Don't rely on grilling tools being provided. It's also wise to bring trash bags to properly dispose of waste.
  • Have a Safety Plan In Place: Keep a bucket of water, fire extinguisher, or other safety equipment within reach when grilling. Have an action plan in case of any emergencies.
  • Clean Before Use: Always scrub the grill with a grill brush thoroughly before lighting it to remove debris and sterilize the surface.
  • Mind Shared Grill Space: Avoid taking over the grill area for too long, especially if others are waiting for a turn. Be aware of incoming groups and offer to share space if there's room. Most parks don't limit grill use, but staying mindful of everyone helps.
  • Follow Park Rules: Be sure to read and adhere to all posted guidelines and regulations, especially for popular city parks and national parks. This includes proper grill use, fire bans, disposal rules, parking policies, and more.


Keep these tips in mind so you can focus on relaxation and enjoyment once in the public grilling area. For tips on safely using park charcoal grills, read this guide.


Safety Don'ts


When it comes to public park grills, adhering to key safety precautions ensures the well-being of both you and your fellow parkgoers. Being mindful of simple safety guidelines protects park patrons from potential harm and helps avoid damage or disruption to the shared public space.

  • Don't Leave a Lit Grill Unattended: Never leave an active grill without supervision, as this poses serious fire and injury risks.
  • Use Caution with Loose Clothing: Avoid wearing loosely hanging clothes or fabrics that could catch fire near an open grill flame.
  • Don't Use Damaged Grills: Inspect grills before use and refrain from using any that are visibly damaged or appear unsafe.
  • Don't Grill Near Flammables: Be aware of setting up grills near dry vegetation, overhangs, or other flammables that could easily ignite.
  • Don't Overload the Grill: Crowding too much food can lead to uncontrolled flare-ups and make grilling hazardous. Grill in smaller batches if needed.
  • Don't Leave Children or Pets Unattended: Always keep a close eye on children and pets near hot grills to avoid accidental injuries. Do not let them wander near the grill unsupervised.

By following these critical safety rules, you can protect yourself and others when firing up those public grills.


Being Considerate of Fellow Parkgoers


When using public park grills, it's important to be courteous to those around you by following some basic etiquette guidelines. Practicing good manners and common courtesy makes public grilling pleasant for all.

  • Avoid cooking messy foods or food with strong odors if the area is crowded.
  • Keep group noise levels respectful to others enjoying the park.
  • Ensure smoke from the grill doesn't blow directly into other zones.
  • Clean the grill after use. Don't leave it messy for the next parkgoer.
  • Communicate politely with others about grill availability and wait times.

Simple polite gestures like these allow everyone to enjoy shared public spaces together.


Accessible Grill Design


Providing grills accessible to parkgoers of all abilities is crucial for creating an inclusive public recreational space. There are a few best practices for designing parks with accessible grill stations.

  • Grills should meet ADA guidelines for clearances and wheelchair access.
  • Include some grills at wheelchair-accessible heights.
  • Allow adequate maneuvering space around grills for mobility devices.
  • Hard, even surfaces around grills are optimal for accessibility.

Prioritizing accessibility considerations makes public park grilling possible for all to enjoy. Picnic Furniture provides an ADA-compliant park grill designed for wheelchair accessibility, which features a 300-square-inch cooking surface that swivels to provide safe frontal operation.


High-Quality Park Grills From Picnic Furniture


For over 20 years, family-owned Picnic Furniture has provided durable, commercial-grade park grills and outdoor furnishings. Picnic Furniture grills come with strong manufacturer warranties and our helpful customer service team ensures your satisfaction. If you need a grill to withstand public use in parks or recreational areas, Picnic Furniture offers quality products with the service to match.

Elevate your next cookout with one of our premier grills:

  • Single Pedestal Park Grills: Height-adjustable pedestal grills with a 360-degree swivel designed for public spaces like parks and campgrounds. Their sturdy steel construction and in-ground installation resist vandalism.
  • Pavilion Group Grills: Extra large grills to accommodate big gatherings with spacious cooking surfaces and configurations for high capacity. Their roomy size allows quick grilling of batches of food like hotdogs and burgers for crowds.
  • Fire Rings & Fire Pits: Contained fire rings with attached grills provide warmth and safer grilling for campgrounds and parks. Their durable steel construction safely contains the fire while allowing visitors to enjoy the community experience.

Discover the ideal park grill for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long can you use a public park grill?

During peak times, limit use to 1 hour for small groups and 2 hours max for large groups. Be mindful of others waiting and share the space if possible. Avoid occupying prime grilling real estate for excessively long periods.

Can you move a public grill?

No, park grills are fixed permanent structures and should never be moved. Moving grills could damage them disrupt gas or electricity connections, and are generally prohibited.

What foods should you avoid at public grills?

Consider avoiding extra messy foods like ribs or strongly scented foods like fish if grilling in a crowded public area. Be mindful that smoke and smells travel. Opt for quicker grilling items that won’t disturb other parkgoers.

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